What Should Crossfitters Call Me?

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WOD Bible: A Network Of Support Part I

Perhaps one of the most unique things about crossfit, is its incredible community. Whether its in the box, in the real world, or online, you can guarantee that no matter where you go, you will always find your crossfit family. One of the most important aspects of this community, is the online connections. Today, What Should Crossfitters Call Me? gives you the key to unlock the online world of crossfit.

Facebok Groups/Pages

WOD Nation United: A private group on Facebook where members share their crossfit experiences, PRs, tips, and so much more. An incredibly supportive community of people who will always be there to celebrate your successes and take you by the hand and pull you back up when you’re feeling down.

Women Only Facebook Groups/Pages

WOD Women: A private Facebook group for women who support each other in crossfit and other fitness endeavors.

Women Of Crossfit=Strong: Another women only public Facebook page (sorry men). They celebrate Prs and hard work and remind you that the only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Women Of Crossfit: A motivational Facebook page that promotes goal setting and gives tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your crossfit workout.

Online Blogs:

The Andrea Ager: A great blog written by the one and only Andrea Ager. An incredible crossfit athlete with a true passion for the sport and a contagious zest for life. Oh and did I mention she’s incredibly pretty!

Words With Lisbeth: An incredible inspirational blog written by one of the best writers of our time, Lisbeth Darsh. Her eloquent words seem to float across the page, providing a wealth of information and inspiration.

Mobility WOD: A great way to get some ideas for how to mobilize yourself post-wod. One of the most important parts of crossfit!

Mentality WOD: Get your head in the game with this great website filled with ideas on how to be the best athlete possible not just in terms of your physical capacity, but also your mental game!

Barbell Shrugged: A great site with incredible articles. Check out their online coaching as well to take yourself to the next level in crossfit. 

Online Publications:

The Box Magazine: The Box magazine is an incredible resource for all crossfitters. You can access tons of great articles online. I also recommend getting a subscription. The magazine is filled with tips and tricks for improving your lifts and crossfit skills. They also keep you updated on the competitive crossfit world, covering important events, such as the Crossfit Games and other major competitions. Definitely worth a look.

WOD Talk Magazine: Just like The Box magazine, this publication is a great resource for both beginner and advanced crossfitters. Be sure to sign up for “Strict Press” newsletter to get some great deals and fascinating articles.

Box Life Magazine: A great magazine featuring all kinds of interesting articles and news about the crossfit world. They also feature a great Women Only section for all you ladies out there.

The RX Review: Want to get involved in the sport of fitness? The RX Review is your VIP all access pass into the land of the fittest of the fit. Stay updated on the major competitions like Crossfit Games and check out your favorite elite athletes. 

Want your blog/site featured? Send us the link and maybe it will be featured in our next review of online publications!

sweetheuristic asked: What would you recommend the kind of shape I be in before going a crossfit gym?

I’m so glad you asked! It’s one of the most common questions I get when I tell people that they should start crossfit. Because of my work in the fitness world, especially with crossfit, I get a wide array of questions about how people can start crossfit. However, the most common question I get, is, “What should I do to get in shape before I start crossfit?” My answer to that is, absolutely nothing. In my time coaching the beginners class at my box, I have seen all breeds of fitness walk through that faded garage gym door. I have seen navy seals and former elite gymnasts who are able to get muscle ups on the first day, causing the more seasoned crossfit athletes to turn green with envy as they watch these incredible athletes surpass what they took many months or even years to achieve. I have also seen the opposite end of the spectrum. The busy doctor or lawyer who could never find the time for fitness and the person who never enjoyed working out. All of these people walk through the doors of crossfit and all of these people have found success in one way or another through this amazing sport.

I think that it’s important to keep in mind that very foundation of crossfit is built on scalability. Every workout, every movement, every skill, and every lift is able to be scaled to meet your fitness needs. This module that makes up what crossfit is really all about is the very reason why crossfit has been so successful at creating such incredible athletes. Because most clients don’t bounce in off the street ready to start Rxing workouts and jump on a flight to Carson to win the Crossfit Games, it is essential that gym owners provide this scalability to meet the fitness levels of all the athletes who walk in the door. So, while you may not be able to do all the workouts exactly as written on your first day or even your first month in crossfit, it is likely that you will improve quickly and eventually find yourself at a whole new level of fitness you never thought you could take yourself to.

With all that said, there is one part of your body that you should try to get in shape before you come into crossfit and that is your mind. Crossfit will kick your butt every single time you walk through that door. You will walk in ready to kill the workout and find yourself at the end sweaty, tired, out of breath, and most likely sore. However, you need to train yourself to believe that you can come back in the next day and do it all over again. Remember, everyone gets knocked down. But, it’s the people who stand up and go on to fight another battle who will succeed. I can promise you that crossfit will change your body and your life, but only if you put in the work and allow these changes to happen. 

When I look at client trends, the most common time that I see people dropping out of crossfit is within the first month of finishing on-ramp (the beginners class) and moving into real classes. Perhaps it is because the first month is often the hardest. Although many people argue that crossfitters drink “the Kool-Aid” the second they finish their first WOD, sometimes that Kool-Aid can taste a little sour going down. While people are going to tell you that it never gets easier, because crossfit will always push you to your limits (and it certainly will), the first month of crossfit is a different kind of hard. You are working muscles you probably didn’t even know you had. You are also probably pushing yourself to a new kind of intensity that you never even dreamed possible. This, however, is good. During the first month of crossfit, your body is changing and adapting to the new level of intensity and your brain is learning new motor pathways for the new skills and movements. Luckily, you’re not alone. Crossfit provides an incredible community right at your fingertips. Whether it’s your fellow crossfitters or the amazing community you can find online. There are thousands of crossfit blogs written by dedicated crossfitters offering support to every kind of crossfitter from the newbie to the elite Games competitor. There are also several Facebook groups and pages that offer support. It’s very important that you take advantage of all these support networks to get yourself involved and committed to crossfit. Crossfit is a difficult sport and will continue to challenge you every single day. Crossfit is an amazing sport that has the capability to both empower and humble you at the same time. If you do crossfit correctly, you will leave the box with two thoughts on your mind. On the one hand, you will say “I can’t believe I could do that.” While, at the same time, “I can’t believe I couldn’t do that.” While the first statement will empower you and lift you up, it is the second statement that will keep you coming back for more until the first statement becomes your reality. Stay humble, stay strong, and good luck on your crossfit journey!

Kay @whatshouldcrossfitterscallme

Stay tuned for a list of my favorite crossfit blogs, websites, and publications in the next WOD Bible post to check out the incredible online crossfit community.